Content Designer. UX Writer. Narrative Designer. Pizza Eater. 🍕 


Content Designer. UX Writer. Narrative Designer. Pizza Eater. 🍕 

CONTENT DESIGN & UX. Netflix Games. Bank of America VUI & Chatbot. DIRECTV Web & Mobile. GAME WRITING. Candy Crush Saga. Candy Crush Friends. Cars. My Little Pony. Zombiewood. Order & Chaos Duels. SPEAKING & TEACHING. Game Developers ConferenceGeneral Assembly UX Writing Class. COMICS. Game Dev Adventures. My Pet Turtle.

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Order & Chaos Duels.

Expanding the universe of a hit fantasy franchise into an accessible card game.


Order & Chaos Duels is a mobile trading card game based on Gameloft's hit fantasy franchise Orders & Chaos Online. Order & Chaos Duels was the studio’s first foray into the trading card game genre.


As a Narrative Designer on the game, I worked with the development team to create a trading card game that was a simplified version of Magic the Gathering, while being unique in its own right. To do that, we kept the story grounded in the existing Order & Chaos universe, and had players choose from a set of heroes to help them along the way. The team aspect allowed for variety in the gameplay as well as fun dialogue and camaraderie among the group — an unlikely band of misfits fighting undead enemies for the greater good. 

I worked closely with the game designers to develop the premise and map out the game objectives based on the non-player characters, enemies, and environments. I also wrote all the item descriptions and actions for 500+ trading cards; not only did they have to be unique and interesting, but they also had to be clear and concise, particularly if the card reflected any game rules that the player needed to understand quickly.