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Content Designer. UX Writer. Narrative Designer. Pizza Eater. 🍕 

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Bank of America VUI & Chatbot.

Writing a human voice for “Erica,” Bank of America’s groundbreaking financial chatbot.


“Erica” is Bank of America’s is AI-driven virtual financial assistant, providing artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and natural language processing to the company’s 25 million mobile clients. 

Erica not only transfers funds and tells Bank of America customers about their account balances, but also offers detailed financial insights based on their background information and account activities. This includes helping users with their budgeting and spending, letting them know about upcoming recurring charges and bills, monitoring their credit scores, and more.


As the Lead Content Designer for financial insights, I wrote the both spoken and text dialogue communicating important account information to Bank of America’s mobile customers. 

I worked closely with UX designers, product owners, and backend developers in determining the complex branching logic to display different messages for every use case. Due to the complexity and multitude of backend systems, we had to find creative solutions in order to combine and prioritize messages for users.

Another challenge was to make technical financial terms more user-friendly, especially when it came to delivering “bad” news — such as when overdraft of an account occurs, or when there was a drop in credit score. The overall goal was to be clear while also having a warm and friendly voice. We also had to work closely with business stakeholders and the legal teams to ensure that the dialogue and text met strict regulatory standards.

I also collaborated with the UX research team to ask questions and interpret user feedback on Erica’s dialogues and the overall user flow to ensure comprehension of the financial insights. Additionally, I wrote user interface copy to provide clarity for touch interactions