UX & Content Design Leader. Narrative Designer. Pizza Eater. 🍕 


Content Designer. UX Writer. Narrative Designer. Pizza Eater. 🍕 

CONTENT DESIGN & UX. Netflix Games. Bank of America VUI & Chatbot. DIRECTV Web & Mobile. GAME WRITING. Candy Crush Saga. Candy Crush Friends. Cars. My Little Pony. Zombiewood. Order & Chaos Duels. SPEAKING & TEACHING. Game Developers ConferenceGeneral Assembly UX Writing Class. COMICS. Game Dev Adventures. My Pet Turtle.

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Hello. I’m Tracey. ðŸ‘©ðŸ»â€ðŸ’»

I’m a Senior Manager of Content Design with over 15 years of experience in content strategy and UX design for digital platforms and products, leading and managing high-performing teams, driving cohesive product narratives, and establishing foundational standards for content design.

I enjoy comics and graphic novels, theme parks, world-building, Formula 1, video games, traveling, sewing, and, of course, eating pizza.